UNU Goes to the Movies: Weekend of May 19th

This looks like another potential blockbuster weekend thanks to the release of the newest film in the Alien franchise, Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant. Covenant, styled as the second film in a prequel trilogy, follows off 2012’s Prometheus , Scott’s return to the franchise he began all the way back in 1979. How will Alien: Covenant perform at the box office this weekend? For a variety of reasons this is one of the tougher films the UNU Movie Swarm has had to predict.

When Unanimous A. I. convenes a swarm of movie-lovers to provide insight and predictions about a film, one thing they have to take into account is how similar movies have fared with audiences. In the case of a film with a long franchise pedigree like Alien, it’s useful to look at how Prometheus did back in 2012. That film seemed to be polarizing to audiences and critics alike, and may not give Covenant much in the way of coattails.

If the new Alien movie has to survive on its own, as you can see from the replay above the story at least seems to have a solid draw. In fact, the classic, beautiful simplicity of the story of man versus alien is one that points to the possibility of a reasonably strong weekend for Covenant. But the swarm wasn’t completely full of good news for this sci fi-horror cross-over film.

Horror movies – even if ones that can also fit into the action or sci fi genres – still require an audience to buy in enough to make the tension and fear feel real. The replay above isn’t a good sign for a movie like Alien: Covenant. Worse for the movie, the problems don’t stop there. For a movie with such a strong foundation in special effects and CGI, the swarm still viewed it as a movie of medium quality compared to others in the genre.

That all adds up to a problem for Ridley Scott and his studio cohorts. Prometheus did $51 million for its first weekend, but the swarm thinks the film will struggle by comparison. In fact, if the swarm’s prediction of $36 million is fairly accurate, it will put the movie into a close fight with Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for the top spot on the box office list. Who does the swarm think will win? That’s the final bit of bad news that UNU had to deliver to Alien: Covenant.

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