One of the most heated exchanges at last week’s Democratic debate involved Hillary Clinton’s refusal to release transcripts of a series of paid speeches she made on Wall Street. Clinton has already released her tax returns for the years 2007-2014, and insists that Bernie Sanders should do the same before the transcripts of her speeches should be an issue.

Now that Bernie Sanders has released his returns, what have we learned? Curiously, Bernie and his wife took advantage of several deductions that he himself would see closed if he were elected, and paid an effective Federal tax rate of just 13.5%. ( The wealthy classes paid, on average, nearly twice that in taxes.)  At the same time, Bernie and his wife made less in a year, combined, than Clinton was paid for just one of her speeches on Wall Street.

But which document is more important to voters, Clinton’s transcripts or Sanders’ tax returns? To find out, researchers at Unanimous A.I. used a method called Swarm Intelligence to reveal the collective sentiment of the general public. Unlike polls, where everyone responds in isolation, swarms are real-time systems where the participants “think together” to converge upon a unified response that best reflect reflects the collective perspective.

As you can see, the 23 voters who comprised the Swarm were able to reach consensus almost instantly. 

HRC transcripts

As of this writing, Clinton has still not released her transcripts and has given no indication of when to expect them. Only time will tell if her refusal to do so ends up helping or hurting her campaign, but Clinton’s once-commanding lead is down to just 2% nationally.

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