Swarming the EPL: Picks for the Week of January 30th

After taking a few days off from league play to accommodate FA Cup games, the English Premier League returns this week with two full slates of games. The first set of fixtures at midweek feature some key matchups as the season turns to the final third of games to be played. Researchers at Unanimous AI convened a Swarm Intelligence to try to predict these difficult contests.

Last week brought two results that have the potential to affect not only this week’s outcomes, but also the way UNU forecasts them. The entire footballing world was stunned when plucky little Swansea City beat powerful Liverpool at Anfield. Meanwhile, Tottenham overcame a two-goal deficit to earn a hard-fought draw against a homestanding Man City side. Both results leave Liverpool and The Citizens respectively teetering on the brink of falling out of the League race.

Both teams face formidable challenges this week in tough matches that put UNU to the test. For Manchester City, the struggle all season has been consistent play away from Etihad Stadium. City face a difficult match on the road this week against West Ham, who have been playing on form of late. The Hammers will also be looking to give some payback for a 5-0 defeat on this same home pitch earlier in January in an FA Cup match. Despite this game looking like a fight on paper, the Swarm A.I. sees things very much in Manchester’s favor.

Epl 23 Gif 2

That second result shows just how confident UNU is here. While the 77% brainpower measure in seeing a Man City win is a reasonable statement of confidence, the swarm backing that up with a $79 bet on a $0-100 scale shows just how much confidence is being exhibited. It goes without saying that this doesn’t represent an actual wagering amount recommendation, but rather a statement of confidence in the original prediction.

UNU thinks Liverpool will have a much tougher task on Tuesday. They face league leading Chelsea on the Reds’ home pitch at Anfield. If a bounce back game might be expected, the swarm seems to have grown rather wary of Liverpool’s sieve-like defense. UNU shows some belief in Chelsea, but it’s interesting to compare this to the Man City at West Ham match.

epl 23 chelsea liverpool 1

how much bet chelsea liverpool swarm 23

While the difference between a 77% brainpower result and a 72% result may not seem like much, for researchers at Unanimous AI that represents a sharp demarcation between the confidence levels the swarm expressed in these two different matches. The second betting confidence of only $31 for Chelsea reinforces this view. The Swarm A.I. thinks The Blues will win, but their belief in that outcome is very much muted.

Here’s what UNU had to say about all ten matches to be played Tuesday and Wednesday.

Arsenal to beat Watford: Replay,  Worth betting $100: Replay

Tottenham to beat Sunderland: Replay, Worth betting $100: Replay

Man United to beat Hull City: Replay, Worth betting $100: Replay

Man City to beat West Ham: Replay, Worth betting $79: Replay

Bournemouth to beat Crystal Palace: Replay,  Worth betting $56: Replay

Burnley FC to beat Leicester City: Replay,  Worth betting $31: Replay

Chelsea to beat Liverpool: Replay,  Worth betting$ 31: Replay

Swansea City to beat Southampton: Replay,Worth betting $28: Replay

West Brom to beat Middlesbrough: Replay, No wager recommended: Replay

Everton to beat Stoke City: Replay,  No wager recommended: Replay

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