Swarming the EPL: UNU’s Picks for the Weekend of April 15th

If the Premier League season is a nine-month marathon, we’ve certainly entered the home stretch now. Depending on whether their schedules got bumped last month, teams enter this weekend with either 6 or 7 games remaining to play, and for most teams there’s still plenty to play for and a myriad of reasons to not put things on cruise control and push to the finish line.

That certainly helps the participants in the weekly Premiership swarm run by Unanimous A. I. The Individual swarm participants all bring their own knowledge and understanding of which EPL teams are playing well and what might be motivating them as the season enters this final stretch run. The swarm then works together to forecast results for each game, with UNU, the Swarm AI technology, amplifying their individual intelligence.

The attention of Premier League fans this week will be strongly divided between White Hart Lane, where Tottenham hosts Bournemouth, and Old Trafford and the matchup between United and visiting Chelsea. Chelsea currently leads Tottenham by seven points in the standings, with both teams having seven games to play. Should the Spurs prevail at home Saturday against a lesser Bournemouth side, the pressure will be on. A loss or tie by Chelsea would mean a wonderful mad dash by both teams through the final weeks of the season. How does the UNU swarm see these two important matches shaping up?

Should both Tottenham and Chelsea prevail the way UNU says they will, it certainly begins narrowing the margin for error for the Spurs. In fact, a Chelsea win on Sunday may all but settle things in the League. Stay tuned!

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