Swarming the EPL: UNU’s Picks for Midweek April 4th

The English Premier League season is a long grind across many months, filled with twists, turns and the unexpected. Chelsea losing at home to Crystal Palace and Liverpool and Tottenham enjoying relatively comfortable wins over the weekend are examples of how the “On any given Sunday” canard applies to pretty much any professional sport, especially in English soccer.

With barely two days to recover, the Premiership is back in action for midweek games starting tomorrow with some of the best matchups of the season on offer. Manchester City head to Stamford Bridge to take on Chelsea in a rematch of an early December game which ended in a brawl that resulted in multiple red cards and suspensions. Everton take another crack at getting into the top 6 with a team just above them, this time on the road against Man United. Meanwhile, Tottenham will try to make things a little warmer for league-leading Chelsea against a plucky Swansea side. How does the weekly UNU Swarm of EPL fans see these important matches going?

One of the most intriguing matches on the chart this week has Leicester City hosting lowly Sunderland. Just a month ago, it appeared that the Foxes were headed towards a relegation fight just a year after their remarkable run to the League title. The firing of manager Claudio Ranieri seems to have lit a fire in them over the last few weeks, and the swarm has certainly noticed.

UNU not only predicts a win here for Leicester, but the swarm also had enough confidence in their current form to make them the most likely match winner of the week – favoring them over powerhouse Liverpool against Bournemouth. With Sunderland almost sure to go down at season’s end, perhaps the swarm believes the fight is out of them and they’ll roll over against the surging defending champions. That kind of meta-knowledge is an example of the fluid thinking that Unanimous A.I. researchers see in UNU Swarms every day.

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