Amplifying Intelligence at the Future Technologies Conference

Dr. Louis Rosenberg was recently invited to speak at the Future Technologies Conference (FTC) in Vancouver, British Columbia. An annual gathering hosted by the Science and Information Conferences, the FTC brought together some of the most devoted minds from academia and industry to share their ideas and showcase achievements.

Presenting alongside leaders from Microsoft and Western Digital, Dr. Rosenberg highlighted some of the recent successes of Unanimous AI’s unique approach to amplifying human intelligence. Check out his interview below.

About Unanimous AI
Unanimous AI pioneers technologies that amplify the intelligence of business teams, combining the power of AI with the depth of human insight. Its Swarm AI technology is currently being used by Fortune 500 companies for a wide range of applications, from forecasting sales to optimizing marketing campaigns.  In 2018, Swarm AI was recognized as SXSW’s “Artificial Intelligence Innovation of the Year.” For more about Unanimous AI, see the TED talk, “Hope for Humans in an AI World” or visit

Would you like to participate in future predictions, experiments and studies? Unanimous AI holds several weekly Swarm Sessions across a variety of topics, from the NFL and English Premier League, to elections, the Oscars, and more.

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Want to learn more about our Swarm AI technology? Check out our TED talk below…