An AI Guide to Foreign Relations: Navigating the G20 Summit and Beyond

The 2017 G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany provided the first opportunity for Donald Trump to sit down with the man who has dominated so much of the conversation about his new presidency, Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Allegations that Russia somehow interfered with the 2016 election have dogged Trump and threatened to undermine his victory. But United States’ relationship with Russia is just one of many thorny issues that the President must contend with at these international conferences, and the researchers at Unanimous A.I. wanted to see what a Swarm AI would recommend the President do regarding Russia, North Korea and NATO.

Swarm Intelligence evolved to help organisms solve complex, multi-variable problems with life or death consequences and the questions facing Trump are no less important or complicated. Beyond the strained relationship with Russia, escalating tension in North Korea and a rocky relationship with NATO has created a storm of interconnected problems. Since Swarm Intelligence exists optimize complex decision-making, what better platform exists to advise the President on these complicated matters?

First, our researchers wanted to know how Trump should approach his first meeting with Putin. Should the new President address the elephant in the room, did Russia truly interfere with the US Presidential election? or avoid the topic entirely?


As you can see, the Swarm AI would advise Trump not to bring up the question of Russian meddling with the election in their first meeting. Early reports indicate that the meeting was planned for 30-45 minutes, but stretched over two hours. It is not yet known what they discussed, but the swarm’s recommendation was quite clear. In fact, Faction Analysis provided by the Swarm Insight platform reveals that by the end of the real-time virtual negotiation on this question, the support for YES dwindled to nearly nothing. This is potentially surprising insight that could indicate the swarm’s belief that Trump should look to diffuse the situation, rather than confronting the notoriously cagey Russian president.


The question facing Trump regarding North Korea is perhaps even more volatile than Russia, despite the fact that Russian stories have dominated the headlines. After nuclear demonstrations and and a threat against the “whole U.S. mainland” with an “annihilating strike” in recent days, it’s clear that the President must respond to North Korea in some way. Our researchers asked the Swarm AI what form that response should take.

Here again the Swarm advocated for a peaceful resolution, rather than an approach that would antagonize potential enemies. This is in keeping with Unanimous’s belief that Swarm Intelligence represents a more moral form of Artificial Intelligence.

Notably, the swarm’s insistence that Trump include American allies in his approach echoes an important decision that the President made this week to re-affirm the United States’ commitment to NATO’s Article 5 in Poland. Given that Article 5 binds the member nations to come to one anothers’ aid in the event of an attack, and that Trump had seemingly declined to make that commitment a few months ago, the reversal represents an important signal to our allies. For their final question for the Swarm AI, our researchers want some insight into what changed Trump’s position.

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