Join the NFL Prediction Contest and Win $100 in Week 1!


Swarm AI from Unanimous was created to amplify the intelligence of groups, making AI “super-experts” out of regular fans like you and me. So far, the results speak for themselves. Swarms of movie fans beat every expert at the Oscars, horse racing fans nailed the 541-1 Kentucky Derby Superfecta, and basketball and soccer fans have both posted perfect 10-team parlays that paid thousands of dollars.

Now, with football season fast approaching, Unanimous AI invites YOU to join this year’s NFL Prediction Contest. If you haven’t already, you can join our growing community of football fans by following the button below. We’ll meet weekly to make our forecast for the upcoming matchups, and Unanimous will be awarding prizes to the highest performers each week. In Week 1, we have over $100 in prizes set aside for the members of the NFL community who post the best individual records.

Follow the button below and we’ll send you an invitation to the NFL Prediction Contest… 

Join the NFL Swarm!

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