The Sportspicker AI Guide to the MLB Postseason

Sportspicker AI Produces Optimized, Probabilistic Forecast for MLB Postseason

The Major League Baseball Playoffs are here, and they couldn’t have come at a better time for the Sportspicker AI community. The world’s first sports intelligence service that combines real-time human insights with advanced AI algorithms has been on a tear recently, outperforming Vegas in MLB baseball, NFL football, and EPL soccer.

Over the weekend, the Sportspicker AI forecast for the NFL produced a double-digit return in a week where the so-called experts got crushed by a run of upsets across the league. Even more impressive was Sportspicker AI’s EPL forecast, which featured seven perfect bets in its seven recommended picks. One brave member of the Sportspicker AI community combined those seven picks into a single parlay that paid over 1,257% Return on Investment.

The Sportspicker AI service is, of course, committed to forecasting every single game of the MLB playoffs and, so far, the service has been perfect here, too, recommending both the Brewers and the Tampa Bay Rays runlines for another winning parlay.

But, we wanted to take the Sportspicker AI’s predictions one step further. So, in addition to our daily MLB playoff forecasts, the AI also produced a complete probabilistic forecast for the entire MLB Playoffs. The chart below outlines the three step process used to produce this AI-optimized prediction.

First, the Sportspicker AI analyzed the probability of each playoff team winning its respective pennant. The Scaled Ranking chart in Step 1 shows that, in the American League, the Houston Astros have an AI-optimized 46.4% chance of winning the pennant, while the LA Dodgers lead the NL pack at at 46.3%. The Rays and Brewers are perceived by the AI as true longshots both at 4.2% likelihood.

With that information in hand, the AI considered the most likely matchups, pitting the teams head-to-head an an iterative process that reveals its conviction and confidence. The Support Density graphs in Step 2 should the AI analyzes the input gathered from the participants and uses it produce actionable insight.

Finally, the cumulative results of these matchups and analyses are compiled into a complete probabilistic forecast for the World Series winner. Those probabilities are presented in Step 3 of the graphic below, which shows that the Sportspicker AI’s most likely winner of the World Series is the Houston Astros.

For more information on the Sportspicker AI service, please head HERE. The AI will be making predictions and wagering recommendations for the NFL, EPL, MLB and soon, NHL. 


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