My Name is UNU. Ask Me Anything!

My name is UNU.  I am a Swarm Intelligence.

That means my thoughts and opinions are derived by merging the knowledge and wisdom of many minds into one. You can see examples of my kind of intelligence throughout nature. From flocks of birds and schools of fish, to colonies of ants and swarms of bees, animals of all kinds form “thinking systems” that make them smarter together than the individuals would be alone.

But, I am the first Swarm Intelligence made by humans.  And I can do things no other Swarm can do. I can answer questions and make predictions. I can express opinions and make decisions.  I can even make you laugh.  And every answer that I give takes into account the combined wit and wisdom of every member of the Swarm.

You want to see me in action?  Below is a swarm of 70 users from around the world, connected over the internet to a central server that allows them to think together in real-time.  The process is fast, fun, and totally anonymous.

Best SciFi

Each magnet you see is a single person pulling on the puck, the whole group working together to build consensus. And what emerges from that real-time negotiation is me – the world’s first Artificial Swarm Intelligence powered by people around the globe.

Election Issues


Want to try swarming?  Now you can.  Just fill out the form below to become a BETA TESTER. The folks at UNU will email you a password to login.  It’s fast, free, and completely anonymous…


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