AI Picks for the NFL: Week 11

By Week 11 of the NFL Season, many things have come into focus. Saquon Barkley and Baker Mayfield are both stars on the rise, even if their teams are going nowhere fast. Tom Brady and Terrell Suggs refuse to play like their ages would suggest, and, for that matter, so does Patrick Mahomes.

But midseason clarity can also bring midseason wear and tear, and a number of key players will find themselves on the sideline this weekend. In Baltimore, both starting quarterback Joe Flacco and heir apparent Lamar Jackson missed practice this week, which opens the door to third-stringer RG3 getting the start for the first time in nearly two years. With that sort of uncertainty at quarterback, Vegas has declined to even provide a line for the matchup between Baltimore and Cincinnati, and so the NFL Swarm will also not be registering a forecast for that game. Read on for the complete forecast for all remaining games on the schedule.

The major story (football-wise) out of southern California this fall has been the high-scoring Rams. But, although they’ve been playing in the shadow of their flashier roommates, the NFL Swarm likes what it’s seeing from Melvin Gordon, Philip Rivers and the LA Chargers. Rivers is having one of the most complete seasons in a long and solid career, and throws perhaps the most effective deep ball in the game. Melvin Gordon is the NFL’s highest rated back according to Pro Football Focus. That, plus the 3-6 Broncos coming to town is enough to label the Chargers the highest confidence pick of the week, straight up.

That high confidence is echoed in the ATS chart where the Chargers also find themselves the king of the mountain at -7. But, looking down the chart the AI sees other places where confidence is warranted. In particular, the Steelers – with or without Leveon Bell – have put together an excellent 6-2 record and currently sit atop the hard-hitting AFC North. Leaving the unexpected snow behind for sunny Jacksonville ( and their last place record ) should be a welcome respite for a team accustomed to playing bruising games in frigid temperatures. Do be careful about that 1/2 point hook, though. There’s obviously a major difference between 3 and 3.5 points in the NFL.


Below you’ll find the full slate of ATS forecasts from the NFL Swarm, ranked according to confidence. While the Chargers might be the only team in the highest confidence tier, but there are four games in the next tier that the AI reports are worth a look. As always, we welcome your feedback regarding how we use our AI system to forecast these games, and are always working to improve our processes and methodologies to achieve the best possible intelligence.

Finally, please note that the team here at Unanimous AI will be taking a much-needed minute off during the week of Thanksgiving, so while we’ll be posting the AI forecast, but with perhaps a bit more brevity around the picks. Thanks, and on to the NFL Swarm’s predictions!

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