NFL Swarm Yields 600% Return in Week 5


Two short weeks ago, our EPL Swarm registered a perfect set of recommended picks. Those seven recommended picks produced a 1,900% Return on Investment for one very happy member of the EPL Swarm. Not to be outdone, our NFL Swarm registered a set of perfect picks of its own in Week 5. Below is the chart of the NFL Swarm’s Week 5 picks Against the Spread, as published on our blog.


As you can see in the chart, the NFL Swarm identified two teams as Best Bets and a third game, Green Bay +2 vs Dallas, registered high Brainpower and $35 betting confidence, just on the cusp of “Best Bet” status. As you may have guessed, one enlightened member of the NFL Swarm put those three teams into a parlay and, when the Chiefs ran by the Houston Texans, was rewarded quite handsomely. This is just the latest example of our Swarm AI platform’s ability not only to forecast winners, but also to identify which games are truly predictable and which to avoid.

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