Swarming the NFL: AI Picks for Week 9


With the NFL season at the halfway point, the turbulent, see-saw early weeks of the year have begun to give up their secrets to the participants in the weekly NFL Swarm. Our swarm in Week 8 not only went 11-2 straight up, it was our top 11 picks that came back as winners. And even on the high risk spread picks, all five picks we rated above a toss-up came in as winners en route to a 9-4 week.

That makes two weeks in a row that the swarm has been on fire. Here’s what the swarm’s picks for the ninth week in the NFL season look like:

Two of the teams the swarm picked that come in as best bets shouldn’t be too surprising: both Philadelphia and New Orleans may be on the good side of mismatches on Sunday. The other pick in our Best Bets category is intriguing though: Seattle over Washington. From the replay below, we can see that the result comes in just under 90%…but the magnets are the real story here. There’s complete unanimity from the start that Seattle has the upper hand playing this one at home. The swarm backed that up with a strong betting confidence, and that puts it in the highest tier.

We don’t recommend playing against the spread, but if you like to live dangerously, here’s what the swarm sees for the weekend.

One of the intriguing results from the swarm’s open-ended spread predictions is their interest in the Buffalo Bills playing on the road against the New York Jets. The Bills made an impact trade, acquiring receiver Kelvin Benjamin to give Tyrod Taylor a dangerous target in the red zone. The swarm predicts a Buffalo win at more than double the point spread being given by bookmakers. That makes this one of the more confident spread picks of the week.


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