Swarming the NHL: AI Picks for Week 14

Although we’re in the heart of the NHL regular season in the second week of January, this halfway point in the season also marks the start of “bye weeks” throughout the league. The NHL gives teams a week off to rest mid-season, staggering the start of each club’s downtime so that the league is still playing nightly, albeit this week with fewer games. With seven games on tap tonight, this is the NHL’s busiest evening of the week and the NHL Swarm got together earlier today to predict it.

Although the Capitals have struggled at times this season, they are playing their best hockey of the season right now. Tonight, they put their four-game winning streak on the line at home against the struggling Vancouver Canucks, who have lost four games straight.

As you can see above, this matchup has some serious bug vs windshield potential going for it. Perhaps more interesting than the swarm predicting a Caps win with high confidence and a two-goals margin is that the group decided to “only” risk a hypothetical $80 bet here. Perhaps the swarm sees this as a bit of a “trap” game for Washington, who have a weekend home-and-home coming up against division rival Carolina. Even with that very slightly muted confidence though, the swarm is bullish on this game and selected it as their pick of the night.

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