Swarming the NHL: AI Picks for Week 24

For most teams around the league, fewer than 10 games remain on the NHL regular season schedule. That means that every point is precious, especially for the majority of teams still trying to either claw into the playoffs or hold onto a post-season spot. The weekly NHL Swarm has to consider that kind of end-of-season desperation motivation when it makes its picks.

This week’s pick of the night came down to two teams who are playing on the road this evening. One choice the swarm considered was the high-scoring Tampa Bay Lightning, who visit snowy Long Island for a game with the Islanders tonight. The choice the swarm went with, however, was the surging Washington Capitals, who face off against a swooning Red Wings club in Detroit.


As you can see from the replay, the magnets are essentially unanimous in predicting a win for the Caps, with the only mild dissension being the degree by which they’ll win. The swarm eventually settles the puck on a “2-goals plus” prediction, which is the single strongest indicator of their confidence. They backed that up with an almost $80 hypothetical wager on this contest

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