Powered by Swarm AI technology, Sportspicker AI for NFL is the only NFL picks service to combine real-time human intelligence with AI algorithms for amazing accuracy.

1-Week NFL Package

  • Receive picks for games played over the course of 1 week
  • All picks generated by Swarm AI
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*This package will auto-renew after 1 week.

4-Week NFL Package

  • Receive picks for gmes played over the course of 4 weeks
  • All picks generated by Swarm AI

*This package will auto-renew after 4 weeks.

Full Season NFL Package

  • Receive picks for ENTIRE NFL SEASON (including Playoffs)
  • All picks generated by Swarm AI

Why Sportspicker AI?

Unlike other picks services based on the gut instinct of some handicapper, Sportspicker AI generates picks that are rooted in science and AI

Powered by AI

Sportspicker AI uses Swarm AI technology to harness the knowledge, wisdom, insights, and intuition of real people (sports fans) in real-time, generating forecasts that have been shown to outperform other methods. 

Rooted in Science

Rooted in the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence, our award-winning process connects networked groups of human forecasters into “Swarms” that think together as a system, creating an AI-powered “Super Intelligence” that outperforms.  

Clear & Transparent

Sportspicker AI data visualizations give clarity and transparency. Each of these Heat Maps shows the result of a prediction of a single game.

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