Sportspicker AI – EPL: Week 7 Recap – PERFECT WEEK

Sportspicker AI is Perfect 7-0 in Week 7 Premier League Picks

Week 7 was huge for Sportspicker AI – EPL members, as its picks were a perfect 7-0. The AI model predicted all 10 EPL matches, and recommended bets on 7 of them. On 5 of 7, the AI model correctly predicted outright winners. It also recommended +0.5 goal-spread bets on Arsenal and West Ham, both of whom tied, thereby creating winning wagers.

Some members got creative with parlay bets to return some massive payouts. This member parlayed all seven Sportspicker AI picks into a +1257% ROI.  He bet $5 and won $62. Just imagine if he had bet $100. Or $1000….


But even if members didn’t try a parlay, all they had to do was follow the proprietary pick ratings to allocate their bankrolls in order to earn a +40.5% return on investment. That is a great week!


All season long, the Sportspicker AI data science team has been ingesting new data into the EPL model, and that is now bearing some significant fruit. The team is looking forward to another good weekend in Week 8! Feel free to learn more and become a member by clicking the button below.


And by the way, Sportspicker AI – NFL had another excellent week. The AI picks were 6-4 (+10.4% ROI) last week against the spread, on a week full of upsets in the NFL that crushed many gamblers. No small feat. If you’re interested, you can check out NFL packages HERE.