Sportspicker AI ESPORTS: Overwatch Picks May 16-17

Sportspicker AI Now 20-10 Over Three Weeks, Looks to Continue OWL Run

5/18 UPDATE: It was an outstanding week for the Sportspicker AI Overwatch picks. Our straight up winner picks were 9-2. Even more impressive, our odds-weighted picks were 5-1. Those are picks that would have given you a significant edge if you were to wager. For example, if you had bet $100 on each of these picks ($600 total), you would have ended the weekend with $1,001.40. That’s a 67% ROI in one weekend.

Last week, the Sportspicker AI data science team continued its momentum making predictions in the Overwatch League. With League of Legends still on hiatus, the team produced another strong set of OWL picks, going 6-4. Our record now is a solid 20-10 over the last three weeks. You can see the details HERE.

Looking to build on last week, the Sportspicker AI team leveraged the Swarm AI system to make another set of OWL picks this week.

Last week, we again figured betting odds into the equation. On top of the straight winner picks , we recommended five bets where the AI algorithms calculated an edge. Those picks were 1-4, which obviously is not great. However, it’s worth noting that 3 of the 4 losses were extremely close. Although we ended up 1-4, we could have just as easily been 4-1. We remain bullish on these picks, despite last week’s result.

See the two charts below for Sportspicker AI picks, vis-a-vis the betting odds this week. The first chart is straight up picks, and the second chart is against the spread. The picks in bold are the ones where we believe the AI has found an EDGE. As you can see, the AI algorithms favor 1 straight up pick and 5 more against the spread.

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