SportsPicker AI Week 1 Recap

SportsPicker AI Goes 17-9 Overall in Week 1, Generates 17% ROI

One week ago Unanimous debuted the new Sportspicker AI prediction service, which uses Swarm AI technology to forecast MLB games multiple times per week. Over the past half-decade, Unanimous AI has made headlines around the world by using Swarm AI technology to perfectly forecast the 541-1 Kentucky Derby Superfecta for CBS and the World Series for the Boston Globe. Along the way, we’ve beaten the experts at the Oscars, the pundits at the polls, and the talking heads at ESPN in NCAA football, basketball, the NFL, and more. So, while the Sportspicker AI subscription service is new, the research that led to its creation is backed by over 20 published academic papers and multiple patents.

Wondering what you missed in Week 1? A single week is, of course, too soon to judge the performance of the service, but the early returns are every bit as exciting as we – and our sports forecasting community – had hoped. Using a combination of moneyline ( winner ) and run-line ( against the spread ) predictions, Sportspicker AI went 17-9 overall, which produced a healthy 17% Return on Investment. The week was highlight by a perfect set of midweek predictions with produced an incredible 90% ROI, and a 7-1 Saturday that profited over 50%. An example analysis of how Sportspicker AI determines its predictions is available at the bottom of this post, and ongoing archive of all predictions made by Sportspicker AI will soon be readily available on the blog.

But, what happens if you use those Sportspicker AI predictions to inform some more creative wagers? We asked the community to share some of their more profitable – and ambitious – parlays, and we were not disappointed. Up first is a $3, seven-team parlay which returned $95, a 3,067% Return on Investment.

A number of other subscribers passed along more sane two and three-team parlays like this one, which returned 250% when Cleveland and St. Louis won their Thursday matchups.

If you’d like to subscribe to the Sportspicker AI prediction service, just follow the link below. We’ll deliver our MLB picks to you at least 3x per week, and you, in return, can let us know when you hit a parlay like one of the these!

Fig. 1: Support Density Graph showing Sportspicker AI’s analysis of the 7/23 matchup between St. Louis and Pittsburgh. St. Louis won 6-5.


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