Academic Advisors

Niccolo Pescetelli

Oxford University

My research focus is decision-making and information processes in social contexts. I’m interested in how people interact to share, transform and integrate information in order to make individual and collective decisions, often reaching outstanding results. My PhD work investigated the properties of groups of recursively interacting agents by studying their behavior and dynamics.

Rajan Vaish

U.C. Santa Cruz / Stanford University

is a PhD candidate in Computer Science at U.C. Santa Cruz and a visiting researcher at Stanford University. His specialties include crowdsourcing, human computer interaction, human computation and social computing. His research is currently conducted in collaboration with Stanford University’s HCI Group and Los Alamos National Laboratory.  An avid open source enthusiast, Rajan is focused on mobilizing the citizen crowd to accomplish global goals of social importance.

Johannes Castner

Columbia University

is a PhD candidate specializing in human systems such as political or military coalitions, banking systems, social networks, and universities. His research focus is exploring how beliefs alter behavior, which in turn has the potential to alter both a system’s parts and their relationships to each other, making the systems either adaptive or maladaptive.  His dissertation looks at financial bubbles and how human systems construct…

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