Alex McClure

Product Development

joined Unanimous AI to create a future filled with amazing software and services that allow people to remain at the center of their intellectual experiences. Graduating from UC San Diego with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering, Alex has spent the last 15 years of his career bringing teams together to create products that people love. With a successful track record at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin and MINDBODY, Alex has led teams across a variety of domains: product management, UX, API lifecycles, strategic partnerships and integrations, enterprise software sales, software engineering, SDLC optimization and cloud architecture.

Most recently, Alex has played an instrumental leadership role in creating an API-driven ecosystem that allows for fitness enthusiasts to book services directly through Google and other search engines / consumer networks. Both a mountain biking enthusiast and continual student of wherever technology and business cross paths, Alex’s ultimate joy in life comes from spending time with his family in San Luis Obispo, California.