David Hague

joined Unanimous AI as an advisor in 2014 to pursue his passion in innovation for society. David holds a B.S. in Engineering from Santa Clara University and brings decades of technology marketing experience.

David currently serves as Senior Director of Marketing & Technology Partnerships for M+W Group where he develops renewable energy systems with integrated solar generation, energy storage, and control systems at utility scale. As an advocate for clean energy, David has consulted to US-Department of Energy, Chevron, Tata Power, and led research for US-Environmental Protection Agency, Shaw, Navigant Consulting, and F1000 companies.  Prior, David served on the executive staff at Immersion Corporation, joining the company when it was just a small team and helping it grow until long after it was an established public corporation.  During that time, he managed the company’s 3D technology business; his efforts supporting the film industry, computer gaming, and computer aided design. He currently lives in California and is an avid cook and enthusiast of anything outdoors.