Mimi Lyons

Director of Special Projects

joined Unanimous AI to help unlock the power of collective human wisdom.  Fascinated by the potential to optimize outcomes for the greater good, she brings experience in group dynamics, content organization, editorial integrity, and user experience to the team. She earned a BA in Urban Studies and an MA in Sociology from Stanford University. As one of the earliest employees at Yahoo! and its first Director of Surfing, she helped develop the initial directory of websites and the editorial voice of Yahoo! as it evolved.

Since then, she has been working on projects to better understand how human motivation, psychology, and personal philosophies drive individuals in society. Her curiosity and desire to make sense of how individuals balance personal needs with those of different groups they belong to has been her passion. Her most recent personal laboratory has been in Palo Alto with her family, learning about individual motivation and group dynamics, alongside endless growth, through experiences with her husband and three children.