Swarm Intelligence Reveals a Challenge Facing Self-Driving Cars

Much of the excitement around UNU’s unique form of Collective Intelligence comes from its ability to predict future outcomes. Time and again, groups of “human swarms” using UNU have defied oddsmakers and outperformed individuals in forecasting events like the Super Bowl, the Oscars, and most recently, the Women’s World Cup. 

But, just as exciting is UNU’s ability to capture the sentiment of any given group. Because UNU allows groups to speak with a unified voice, a personality emerges that is distinct to that group.

So, when we asked a group of college students using UNU about the future of self-driving cars, we learned two very interesting facts:

First, College students are very confident those cars will arrive soon…

And second, those same students don’t see themselves as customers for self-driving cars…

If auto-makers can’t count on forward-thinking, tech-savvy college students to purchase their self-driving cars, who can they look to?

Maybe they should ask the Swarm…

Swarms provide intelligent insights on all kinds of topics from politics and current events, to music and gaming, harnessing their collective intelligence by thinking as one. This video gives a glimpse into what it’s like to join a real-time swarm:


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