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It's a New Kind of March Madness.

A collaboration of:

Marist College Center for Sports Communication and Unanimous A.I.


Wednesday, March 16th

12:00 PM ET, 9:00 AM PT

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March Madness is Hard

  • Every year, millions of college basketball fans fill out NCAA tournament brackets. 
  • Most of them turn out poorly. 
  • It turns out that predicting 63 games is very difficult for us as individuals. 
  • But this year is different....

Introducing Swarm Madness

  • With Swarm Madness, you'll compete as part of a group, NOT as an individual. 
  • Your group (known as a swarm) will use a new platform called UNU, that allows you to pool your intelligence to pick a bracket together.
  • The Swarm with the highest score will win $1000.


Why Swarm?  

Because people working together as a swarm are smarter than people working by themselves! 

Swarms using UNU have successfully predicted the outcomes of numerous sporting and cultural events. 

  • NFL: 9-1 picking winners in NFL Playoffs and outperformed 99% of gamblers on a range of Super Bowl prop bets. 
  • College Football: Correctly Picked 7 of 9 Bowl Games, besting ESPN’s experts.
  • The Oscars: Correctly picked 13 of 17 major awards, better than experts from Variety, USA Today, and Rolling Stone.

About UNU

UNU allows groups to amplify their intelligence by "thinking together" in real-time. 

Scientists call this “Swarm Intelligence” and it proves the old adage – many minds are better than one. 

You can read more about how and why Swarm Intelligence works by clicking here.

How Do I Join?

  • Register here. Registration closes on Thursday March 17 at 12:00pm ET. 
  • We’ll send you the time your swarm will meet and instructions for logging in to UNU. 
  • Join your swarm at your assigned time and make your picks.

Swarms will be making picks March 13-16, in advance of the first tip-off on Thursday March 17.

Each person must register individually. If you have a group to swarm with, provide the name of your group when you register and we’ll make sure you’re all assigned together. Otherwise, we’ll assign you to a swarm. 

Swarm Madness is completely free.


How does scoring work?

Brackets will be scored based on correctly picking game winners. The swarm with the bracket that has the most points at the end of the Tournament will win $1,000. Bracket scoring: First Round, 1 point per correct pick; Second Round, 2 points per correct pick; Sweet 16, 4 points; Elite 8, 8 points; Final Four, 16 points; Championship, 32 points. Tie-breaker is the swarm’s prediction of the combined total points of the Championship game. The prize will be awarded to the winning swarm and equally split among members. 

Why are we doing this?

The results from Swarm Madness will help researchers at the Marrist College for Sports Communication better understand group decision-making, and the potential for regular fans to exceed expert level performance by working together in real-time. 

How long will it take?

We estimate that it will take about an hour for a swarm to pick all 63 games. 

How many people should be in a swarm? 

A swarm must have a minimum of 7 members to be eligible for prizes. There is no maximum (a swarm can be as big as you want). 

Who's Behind Swarm Madness? 

More information about Swarm Intelligence and UNU is available here

More Information about Marist College Center for Sports Communication is here.