Swarming the EPL: Weekend of February 25th, 2017

After a fortnight’s break for various cup and tournament ties, the English Premier League returns to action this weekend. Researchers at Unanimous A.I. assembled a swarm of 35 Premiership fans to use UNU to predict the outcomes of this week’s matches. The UNU Premier League swarm will try to finish off a successful February that included a 6-4 record last time out.

This week’s diary of games is a little light compared to most weeks, due to Man United and Southampton meeting Sunday morning in the EFL Cup final and Manchester City playing Wednesday in an FA Cup tie. Those conflicts mean that the always thrilling Manchester derby at City’s Etihad Stadium has been indefinitely postponed, along with Southampton’s match with Arsenal. Even without the marquee matchup in Manchester, there are some fascinating matches to examine this week.

Above you can see the result of one of the more interesting matches that the swarm predicted on UNU for this week. After playing some of the best soccer in all Europe in December and January, a youthful Tottenham side have come back to earth a bit in February. Stoke City represents a challenging home match for the Spurs, who are desperate to hold on to their current top four position and the automatic Champions League bid that comes with it. The swarm thinks that Tottenham will prevail, but as we can see below, they’re not as carried away with confidence as the 83% brainpower above might have suggested.

Here’s the rest of UNU’s picks for the weekend matches in the Premier League. Just click on the table to see a bigger version with clickable replays of each swarm decision.

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