There’s More to Being President Than Being “Trustworthy”

In anticipation of the first Democratic Presidential debate, researchers at Unanimous AI created an Artificial Swarm Intelligence by pooling the wisdom of 90 voters in real time.

The results revealed a compelling contradiction between what people say they want from their president, and what their gut tells them is “presidential”.  

First, the researchers asked the Swarm Intelligence –  “Which Democratic candidate is the most trustworthy?” Care to guess who came out on top?

To see the swarm reach a decision in real-time, watch the quick video below:

As you can see, Bernie Sanders was deemed the most “trustworthy” candidate. But, how would he fare on another classic polling question, “Who would you rather have a beer with?” 


Again, Sanders came out on top!  Now, having beaten Hillary Clinton in both questions, the Unanimous AI researchers asked the voters which candidate seemed the most “presidential.”

Would the progressive Senator from Vermont go 3 for 3 against Hillary?

No, he would not.  Hillary is clearly seen as the most presidential of the Democratic field.

For years, we were told that the American public elected its Presidents based on trustworthiness and likability. And yet, by tapping voter sentiment with an Artificial Swarm Intelligence, this study revealed when voters think “presidential”, they may have something else in mind.

Want to be part a Swarm Intelligence?  You can sign up to be a beta tester: HERE.