Who Will Donald Trump Pick as his Vice President?

Trump’s disruptive rise to presumptive Republican nominee has prompted many questions, but none is more intriguing than who will he pick as his running mate? As Chris Cilliza writes in the Washington Post, “the short answer: No one knows. Trump relishes being unpredictable, so trying to game out how this most unconventional of politicians will make his mind up is a bit of a guessing game.”

But here at UNU, we know that by thinking together, groups can make predictions that outperform the experts. So, on the topic of Trump’s running mate, our researchers once again turned to the science of Swarm Intelligence to tap the collective sentiment of the general public. Unlike polls, where everyone responds in isolation, swarms are dynamic systems where the participants push and pull on each other in real-time, converging upon a unified response that best reflect reflects the collective perspective.

So, we convened a swarm of 45 likely voters inside the UNU platform and asked them to ponder potential Trump running-mates.  The group was a mix of Democrats, Republicans, and independents, logged in from diverse locations all around the US.   The video below shows the swarm in action, answering the all important question: Who will Donald Trump pick as his Vice President?
TRUMP VP (serious)

As you can see, the swarm quickly considered the likely alternatives and converged upon a prediction – that Chris Christie as the most likely choice for Trump’s running mate. That’s the very same name the Washington Post’s political expert chose.

But, the UNU group took it one step further. If Chris Christie is the front-runner for VP, we wanted to know, who should the Donald have at his side in the months to come?  The swarm came up with a list of unlikely candidates, then converged upon a most surprising pick:

TRUMP VP (funny)

Does this mean the swarm has a sense of humor?  Maybe.  Or maybe it’s a sensible pick.  After all, who better than the guy who beat “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, the Iron Sheik and Gawker to get the country back on track?

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