Watch fifty people THINK AS ONE.

Those following this blog know that UNU is a new social platform that enables groups of users to form “human swarms” that can answer questions, make predictions, even generate ideas. Now after a full year of testing, we’ve taken the training wheels off and opened UNU to larger groups.

The video below shows a 50-person swarm predicting which Republican candidate will be the nominee for president.  Each user controls a magnet to pull on the puck, enabling a high-speed negotiation among all the participants. With everyone contributing their knowledge and intuition, the swarm quickly converges on an optimized answer that reflects the group’s Collective Intelligence.

Will the above prediction come true?  Those following our blog know that swarms have an amazing track record – having recently predicted the Oscars, the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, the Golden Globes, and the NBA playoffs with surprising accuracy.

Of course it’s not just sports and politics where swarms provide insights. From music and gaming, to movies and TV, tapping the collective intelligence of any group is fascinating and fun.

The video below gives a glimpse into what it’s like to join a swarm:

Want to try UNU for yourself ? If so, great – we’re currently recruiting a large group of new users for our BETA PROGRAM. To join, just click here.

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