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The Power of Forecasting with Swarm

"… Amplifies human abilities, turning groups
into super-experts."

"...pioneered a new form of AI"

"the best way to get multiple humans
to agree on something"

"A better way to tap our collective intelligence"

"might be the best way to solve the
worlds biggest problems"

"… a breakthrough technology."

"… could revolutionize democracy"

Best AI Technology
SXSW Innovation Awards, 2018

"some of the most accurate predictions
racing has ever seen"

2017 Winner:

"more accurate results than traditional polls"

"...an ingenious tool..."

"… on the cutting edge of group decision-making."

"makes groups of people smarter"

"… the implications could be profound."

"… mighty impressive, to say the least."

"Swarms win where polls fail."

"… can deliver results with remarkable accuracy."

"brings different perspectives together into council"


Swarm AI Forecasts Trump's 100 Day Approval Rating Perfectly

Nine days before Trump's inauguration, Unanimous formed a Swarm AI of American voters to forecast his approval rating at the 100 Day milestone. That prediction, published in Modern Trader magazine, turned out to be exactly right at 42%.

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NFL Swarm AI Predicts the Super Bowl Final Score Perfectly

Predicting the final score of any football game, much less the Super Bowl, is a tall task. In fact, in thousands of published Super Bowl predictions dating back two decades, only two have been right. Now it's three, thanks Swarm AI.

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Swarm AI Turns Groups into Powerful "Lie Detector"

Researchers from Unanimous and Oxford demonstrated that swarms can detect deceit in human facial expressions far more efficiently than individuals can on their own, a remarkable display of social intelligence for an AI.

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English Premier League Swarm AI Beats BBC's Supercomputer

In a research study with Oxford, soccer fans working as a Swarm AI amplified their predictive intelligence by 17% over their individual results, and outperformed SAM, the BBC's EPL supercomputer, by 8%. That's the difference between losing, winning, and winning big.

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Swarm AI Boosts Prediction Accuracy in Financial Markets

A six month study of Swarm AI's ability to forecast financial markets demonstrated double digit percentage amplification of intelligence across every sector. The largest accuracy increase was recorded in crude oil predictions, which registered an impressive 28% point net gain and a 43% amplification in total accuracy.

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Swarm AI Offers Bezos Financial Advice in Fast Company

Jeff Bezos, one of the richest men in the world with over $100B, took to Twitter for guidance on where to donate his massive fortune, generating thousands of responses. Swarm AI turned that noisy data into optimized insight, recommending to the Amazon founder that "universal access to clean drinking water" best satisfied his criteria for "urgent need & long-term impact.”

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Unanimous AI Founder Dr. Rosenberg Takes the TED Stage

Dr. Rosenberg addressed a sold-out crowd at the largest TEDx event in the country. After challenging attendees to consider the valid fears of Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Rosenberg offered a solution; an AI modeled after swarms in nature that seeks to amplify human intelligence, not replace it.

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Swarm AI Generates Perfect Set of Picks, Hits 10 Team Parlay

A group of NBA fans generated a 2,700% Return on Investment on a flawless night of predictions. That was only the latest in an incredible run of predictions by the weekly NFL, EPL and MLB swarms that you can follow on the blog.

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Swarm AI Correctly Predicts TIME's Person of the Year for 2nd Year in a Row

Swarm AI finished off a remarkable year by correctly naming TIME's Person of the Year, succeeding for the second consecutive year where polls and markets failed.

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Swarm AI Powers Insight for the World's Best Brands

Swarm Insight amplifies the intelligence of groups -- customers, prospects, and business teams -- providing clients with the ability to generate deeper insights and make better decisions faster and more affordably than ever before.

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