Get Deep Insights from Real People, Optimized by AI

Swarm Insight is a full service solution that combines the power of AI with real-time human feedback, providing deeper insights than traditional research methods, in a fraction of the time.

Swarm Insight is a full-service solution that quickly delivers AI-optimized market intelligence, producing significantly more accurate results than traditional alternatives like surveys, focus groups, or interviews.

Leveraging the power of Swarm AI technology, Swarm Insight not only gives more precise customer sentiment analysis, it’s faster and more expressive than anything available before, even for the most sophisticated research projects.

With Swarm Insight, we provide expert methodology support, participant recruiting, session moderation services, and full behavioral analysis. It’s all included.

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By leveraging the Unanimous AI Swarm Platform, radiologists were significantly more accurate together than when working alone while diagnosing pneumonia from x-ray images. Diagnosis errors were reduced by 33% and results were 22% more accurate than a state-of-the-art software-only solution that only leveraged deep learning.

Using Swarm AI, a group of helicopter pilots continuously weighed their personal confidence and preferences on various design options. They converged on solutions that reflected the collective will of the group, tuned by each individual’s level of confidence. At the conclusion of the event, all pilots (100%) agreed their swarm workload and usability ratings were the most realistic.

Credit Suise

At the Asian Investment Conference, Credit Suisse used Swarm AI to forecast financial performance in the upcoming year, with a focus on Asian markets. The swarming session was led by a moderator from Unanimous AI and tapped the knowledge, wisdom, and insights of a group of expert investors attending the Asian Investment Conference.