Unanimous AI Predictions Yield 1,900% Return


Over the past few weeks, both our MLB and NFL swarms have scored massive paydaysFirst, the baseball swarm scored a 2,600% return on a six team parlay and the football swarm tripled its cash on a seven-teamer. Not to be outdone, the EPL Swarm posted one of the most impressive weekends of forecasting we’ve ever seen. Here again is the chart of Premier League picks we published on Friday and sent out to the members of the EPL Swarm community on September 22nd.

As you can see in the chart, the EPL Swarm identified three teams as Best Bets and an additional four as worthy of betting consideration. The final three games on the ten game slate were deemed unworthy of betting on. So, why are we calling this one of the most exciting results in the history of our Swarm A.I. platform? Because the EPL Swarm got every single one of its recommend picks right. And, just as impressively, the swarm knew when it didn’t know enough to make a pick, as all three of its high risks were worth staying away from. (As an interesting aside, while the EPL Swarm did pick Burnley with a withering $0 confidence, that result only came after multiple “Too Close to Call” responses, and that game, which finished 0-0, was ultimately deemed “most likely to end in a draw.” )

One ambitious member of the EPL Swarm took the A.I.’s recommendations to heart, placing a 7 team parlay that included every game in the Best Bet and Proceed with Caution categories. As you can imagine, this lucky bettor was handsomely rewarded for his confidence, as his $10 wager returned $186.26, a nearly 1,900% Return on Investment. That kind of result is certainly atypical, but as we’ve seen in recent weeks in every sport we’ve challenged our Swarm A.I. to offer guidance on, massive returns are possible. The key is not only to generate great insight into which team will win, as our swarms have clearly done, but also to know which games to avoid.



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