Unanimous AI amplifies the intelligence of networked human groups, enabling significantly more accurate forecasts, assessments, decisions, evaluations, and insights. Using AI algorithms modeled on the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence, our award-winning Swarm platform empowers business teams to quickly maximize their combined wisdom and converge on optimized solutions.

At Unanimous AI, we believe people are smart – really smart. We think the most important database on the planet is the diverse knowledge, wisdom, insights, and intuitions housed within the billions of human brains distributed around the globe. Every one of us has over a million gigabytes between our ears, and we are continuously interacting with our environment, testing our hypotheses, evaluating our assumptions, and updating our vast data-stores. It’s incredible.

And yet, most AI companies are focused on replacing people with algorithms, supplanting deep human wisdom with oversimplified data-sets. To us, this is a misguided approach, especially for problems that have a human component. At Unanimous AI, instead of replacing people with AI, our mission is to connect people with AI, enabling networked groups to collaborate as super-intelligent systems that harness our combined knowledge, wisdom, insights, and intuitions in highly efficient and optimized ways.

Our award-winning technology is called Swarm AI. That’s because it modeled on the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence. The result of hundreds of millions of years of evolution, Swarm Intelligence is Mother Nature’s approach for optimizing the combined intelligence of groups. By bringing this to networked human teams, Swarm AI technology will enable super-intelligent systems that unleash accuracy and insights never before imagined, while keeping human values, ethics, and sensibilities inherent to every system we build.

At Unanimous AI, our approach is to combine the power of AI with the depth of real-time human insights, creating hybrid-systems that outperform both humans and machines alone. We believe this is safest, smartest, and most sensible path to building super-intelligent systems that exceed human abilities. With Swarm AI, we will not only be smarter together – we will be wiser together. Our CEO Louis Rosenberg talked about this on the TED stage: New Hope for Humans in an AI World.

Unanimous AI is a proud recipient of research funding from the National Science Foundation.