We Amplify IntelligenceTM

We Make People Smarter, Together…

There’s an old saying that two heads are better than one. So imagine how smart 20 heads could be, or 200. Now imagine that the knowledge, wisdom, insights, and intuition of hundreds of people are connected by AI algorithms, producing an emergent intelligence that can “think together” as a super-expert. That’s what we do at Unanimous AI, and it works.

Our technology is called Swarm AI®. It’s a set of algorithms and interfaces modeled after swarms in nature, empowering populations of online users to amplify their collective intelligence by thinking together in closed-loop systems.  Published studies have shown that Swarm AI systems can significantly increase the accuracy of predictions and the depth of insights, enabling groups to outperform experts across a range of applications. See what the press is saying here.

We Provide Deep Insights, Fast…

One thing every business wants is more accurate and insightful intelligence. From market research and competitive analysis, to product development and sales forecasting, the ability to predict outcomes with greater accuracy and deeper insights can offer profound strategic benefits. Here at Unanimous, we provide amplified intelligence to businesses of all kinds.

It’s called Swarm Insight®, a subscription service where we quickly build and deploy intelligent swarms to provide predictive guidance for any application, from sales and marketing, to product innovation and finance. We even provided guidance for the organizers of the Kentucky Derby, building a Swarm AI system to handicap the race. The process is fast, flexible, and easy to get started. Just send us a note here.

Smarter Systems, Inspired By Nature

It all goes back to the birds and bees. Fish too. Across the natural world, countless species have evolved powerful methods for boosting their group intelligence by thinking together in flocks, schools, colonies, and swarms. They don’t take surveys or polls, they form real-time closed-loop systems that converge on optimized insights, exceeding the capacity of their individual minds. In nature, it’s called it Swarm Intelligence and at Unanimous AI we’ve enabled us humans to take advantage of the same amplification effects.  See our TED TALK here.

Swarming is Not Just Smart, it’s Fun…

When groups participate in real-time swarms, the first thing most people say is how much fun it is to “think together.” This isn’t surprising, as we humans are social beings who are drawn to activities that combine the skills of many. From team sports to musical groups, creating a whole that’s greater than the parts is very satisfying. Of course, nobody ever said that about taking a poll or filling out a survey. But coming together as a real-time swarm – it feels natural, intuitive, and just plain fun.


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