It all goes back to the birds and the bees. Fish too.  Even ants.  It goes to the great many organisms that amplify their group intelligence by forming flocks, schools, shoals, colonies, and swarms. Across countless species, nature show us that social creatures, when working together as unified systems, can outperform the vast majority of individual members when solving problems and making decisions. Scientists call this “Swarm Intelligence” and it proves the old adage – many minds are better than one.

What about us humans?  We didn’t evolve the natural ability to form a Swarm Intelligence, for we lack the subtle connections that other species use to establish tight feedback-loops among members. Fish detect tremors in the water around them. Bees use high speed vibrations. Birds detect motions propagating through the flock.  But now, with high-speed networking technology, we human can connect with each other from anywhere in world.  We just need the the right technology to turn those connections into real-time system with closed-loop feedback among members.

That’s where Swarm AI® comes in.  It provides the interfaces and algorithms to enable “human swarms” to converge online, combining the knowledge, wisdom, insights, and intuitions of diverse groups into a single emergent intelligence.  From from predicting sports and financial trends, to assessing the effectiveness of advertisements and movie trailers, real-time swarms have been shown to significantly amplify intelligence.  This video clip from TED gives a quick introduction:

And it works… in a recent study by researchers at Unanimous AI and Oxford University, a Swarm AI system was used to predict all fifty English Premier League soccer games over five consecutive weeks.  Results showed that the individuals, who averaged 55% accuracy when working alone (not much better than coin-flips) were able to amplify their predictive accuracy to 72% by predicting together in swarms. This corresponds to 131% amplification in predicting ability.  Such amplification appears to be the norm, not the exception – as many research studies show.

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Swarm is a cloud-based platform from Unanimous AI that empowers networked groups of people from around the world to amplify their intelligence by thinking together as unified systems, connected by AI algorithms.


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