Unanimous A.I. Predicts the French Presidential Election

AI Predicts Macron Will Defeat Le Pen by 15%

On Sunday, all of Europe will be watching French voters take to the polls to elect their new president. The mandatory May 7th runoff pits the two highest finishers in the April 23rd Presidential election, Emmanuel Macron of the En Marche! party against Marine Le Pen of the National Front. The election is widely considered to be a leading indicator of the future of the European Union in the wake of Brexit.

With so much at stake in Sunday’s election, researchers at Unanimous A.I. formed an Artificial Swarm Intelligence, combining the knowledge, wisdom, insights and intuition of a diverse population to predict the outcome. That system, powered by our Swarm AI technology, predicted that Macron would hold off the challenge from Marine Le Pen, the daughter of long-time National Front leader Jean-Marie.


Artificial Swarm Intelligence has repeatedly demonstrated its forecasting ability. Just last week, it was revealed that a swarm of American voters predicted President Trump’s approval rating at the end of his First 100 Days perfectly. And they registered this remarkable prediction weeks before the new president took office. So, when the swarm predicts a healthy margin of victory for Macron, the En Marche! party has reason to feel confident.


With that said, many see parallels between Le Pen’s rise to prominence and Donald Trump’s surprising victory over Hillary Clinton, with some going so far as to call Le Pen “France’s Trump.” So, while Macron’s lead in the polls is a comfortable 18% at this time, researchers at Unanimous wanted the swarm to predict why Marcon might not enjoy that wide of a margin on Sunday.


The notion of the “hidden” support for Le Pen mirrors the wave of populist support that swept Trump into office. So, while the swarm doesn’t believe that this support will be enough to carry Le Pen to the presidency we, like the rest of the world, will be watching.

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