Swarming MLB: AI Picks Score An Incredible 2,600% Return!


One of the tenets of the so-called “superforecasting” movement is knowing when to make a prediction, and when not to. Our football and baseball swarms take this principle into account, since they are tasked not only with picking winners, but also asked to rank their confidence in each prediction. That additional guidance can often be the difference between a guess, which no one should put much stock in, and real insight, which can be highly valuable.

With that in mind, last night’s MLB Swarm identified 8 games as worthy of consideration, either as a Best Bet or a more cautious recommendation.

A bettor who followed the chart above and placed a three team parlay on only the Best Bets, as one participant in the swarm did, would have been rewarded with a 670% Return on Investment, which is nearly 7x their money back in one night. But, when our Swarm AI platform is delivering the kind of results it did last night, a three team parlay is only the tip of the iceberg.

Last night, the MLB Swarm hit its six highest rated picks, and seven of eight picks deemed worthy of consideration. What is that kind of guidance worth? One lucky member of the swarm put down $10 on a six team parlay that included the Red Sox, Indians, Brewers, Yankees, A’s and Nationals and won back $257.47. That’s nearly a 2,600% return. And, if the Cardinals hadn’t come back on the Reds in extra innings, all 8 picks would have all hit. That bet would have produced a even more incredible 100x return!  Still, as you can see below, not a bad night.

Finally, it’s worth noting that, of games the MLB Swarm labeled “inconclusive,” its accuracy fell from 87.5% to half that, at 43%. That discrepancy is why it’s so important to know when to stay away, and when to place that six team parlay…



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