Swarming MLB: UNU’s Picks for 5-12

No sport tracks statistical minutiae in more detail than Major League Baseball. Those statistics, which cover offense, defense, pitching, and running, help paint a picture of trends and cycles within the game. That’s especially handy when we compare one season’s stats to the previous season, because that’s the data that tells us about which teams have improved a great deal, and which other clubs may be fading a bit.

The Unanimous A. I. weekly baseball swarms confront this statistical comparison to some extent every time they’re brought together to pick games. Which team is struggling at the plate? Which teams have pitching staffs that are starting to show age? Which teams have had injuries that have sent them into a spiral…or conversely, which teams have had player additions from unexpected sources that have propelled them to success?


When we consider the way teams and players change over seasons, it’s prudent to be on the lookout for the new hotness. With that said, though, sometimes fans – and a swarm of fans trying to predict the winners of games – can look for some rocks of stability. Dodgers ace pitcher Clayton Kershaw fits that bill. When Kersh is healthy, he might be the single greatest pitcher of this generation. For Friday, the swarm noticed that Kershaw is pitching in Colorado tonight. Even with the thin atmosphere at Coors Field and a hot, first place Rockies team facing him, the UNU Baseball Swarm sees a Dodger win with a fair amount of confidence.

Every week during the MLB season, Unanimous A.I. will be conducting swarms to pick the outcomes of games. If you’d like to either join a swarm or just get the predictions weekly, feel free to drop us a line below.