Swarming MLB: AI Produces 900% Return on Investment

MLB Swarm AI Hot Streak Continues, Going 3 for 3 on Best Bets

Last week was another triumph for our MLB Swarm AI. As we’ve often said, making smart decisions in picking games isn’t just about picking winners and losers, it’s about knowing when to bet and when to keep your money in your pocket. The July 7th MLB Swarm provided a great example of exactly what we mean. The MLB Swarm went a very solid 11-4 on the day, extending its hot streak to a remarkable 40 games above .500 since May 9th. But, more important than the Swarm AI’s 73% winning percentage is how it displayed its confidence in those 15 predictions.

Here is a look at the breakdown the AI produced of the 15 games on the schedule. What’ll you see is that all three of the Swarm’s Best Bets won, 5 out of the 6 Proceed w/ Caution picks won, and that 3 out the 4 losses were labeled High Risk or Inconclusive.

That sort of accurate guidance allowed some savvy members of the swarm to register some wildly profitable bets. The first $5 wager you see below returned $49.89, for an Return on Investment of 897%, and the second nearly as profitable, with a 637% ROI. So, how did these users produce these results? All the first bet did was follow the MLB Swarm AI’s five most confident picks, and the second swapped out two close games in the Proceed with Caution section.

In other words, the Swarm AI continues to demonstrate a keen ability not only to forecast MLB games, but also to handicap which ones are worth a wager. That sort of insight is crucial to baseball fans, but also more broadly applicable to topics that extend far beyond the diamond. If you’d like to join our MLB Swarm, just click the button below.


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