Swarming the NFL: Win Totals for Every Team

We’re only a few hours from kickoff, the sports researchers here at Unanimous AI are working overtime to get you everything you need for the 2017 NFL season. First, we published the Swarm’s guide to Fantasy Football, and then we challenged our NFL Swarm to pick not only the winner of every game, but also pick the winners Against the Spread and rank everything by confidence. You can read all of the Week 1 guidance offered by our Swarm AI platform in our post: Swarming the NFL – AI Picks for Week 1

Below is one final set of predictive insights in anticipation of tonight’s Kickoffs. In addition to setting lines on individual games and eventual Super Bowl winners and MVPs, every sportsbook is also offering Over/Under win totals for every team in the NFL. So, how could our researchers resist asking our Swarm AI technology to weigh in on this season-long question. If you’re not familiar with Over / Under betting, it simply means that the sportsbook asks the bettor to predict if a team will win more or fewer games than a given number. This is what it looks like when our NFL Swarm tackles the Win/Total question inside our Swarm AI platform.

As you can see, the NFL Swarm is very confident that the defending Super Bowl champion Patriots are in for another strong season. Considering the dominance of the Patriots in the AFC East and the little progress the Jets, Bills and Dolphins have made in the offseason, 13 wins or more definitely seems doable for Tom Brady and the Pats.

Here is the full list of the NFL Swarm’s Over / Under predictions for every team. Click anywhere on the chart to see replays of any result.


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