Swarming the NFL: The AI Guide to Super Bowl 52


Super Bowl 52 is finally upon us, and researchers at Unanimous AI are once again testing Swarm AI technology’s ability to amplify intelligence on the biggest stage in sports. Below you will find the AI Guide to Super Bowl 52.

Predicting the outcome of any single game is a difficult proposition, chiefly because individual contests display a large degree of chance and randomness. That unpredictability was on full display in last year’s Super Bowl, when a 25 point lead for the Atlanta Falcons dissolved into an unlikely Patriots victory. And yet, that improbably comeback meant that the final score predicted by the Swarm AI® system turned out to be exactly right. Over larger sample sizes like the entire NFL regular season, a truer picture of predictive intelligence emerges, and this year the swarm predicted winners at a 75% clip in High Confidence games, a pace strong enough to outperform all ESPN experts. This week, the NFL Swarm issued one final High Confidence prediction for the season.

Unanimous generated this insight using a group of nearly 50 football fans and enthusiasts working together as a Swarm AI system. Working together as a Swarm AI system allows these groups to combine their collective wisdom, intelligence, and intuition as they converge on optimized insights and predictions.  This process mimics the way intelligence is amplified in nature to help simple organisms solve complex, life-or-death questions. Drilling down into this prediction, Unanimous researchers asked the NFL Swarm for guidance on a slew of related questions.


The line set by Vegas has hovered between Patriots by 4 and 5.5 points all week, so the NFL Swarm’s output suggests that an Against the Spread wager is true coin-flip proposition. Of course, one sportsbook registered over 700 propositional bets for Sunday’s big game, so anyone looking to find action where a larger advantage is possible should have little difficulty. One of the most popular of these “prop bets” is the total number of points scored by both teams. The NFL Swarm forecast that both the Patriots and Eagles would exceed their predicted totals of 27 and 21 points, respectively, so it stands to reason that the group would anticipate the total points would be over 48.5.

Naturally, Unanimous couldn’t ask the NFL Swarm to forecast all 700 of those prop bets, but researchers did collect inside on a wide range of these questions, covering everything how many yards Tom Brady will throw for to the length of Pink’s national anthem. That research is compiled in the chart below.


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