MLB Swarm Hits 6 Team “Best Bet”, Scores 2,660% ROI


Past performance does not guarantee future results. And yet, for the second week in a row, the MLB Swarm AI has nailed its top six predictions and generated a massive Return on Investment. Last week, the swarm went 11-4 and generated a 900% ROI, a result only possible because the AI was able to give insight into not only who would win, but how confident it was in each outcome. This week’s MLB Swarm AI took that success to the next level.

On Friday, the swarm published its predictions for the 14 games on the MLB slate. Six of those games were labeled as Best Bets, a rather surprising number considering that only three games were named Best Bets last week.

Some members of the MLB Swarm picked up on that confidence and put together 3 and 4 team parlays that paid off handsomely. It took some late game heroics by the Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig and an uncharacteristic collapse by the Yankees’ Aroldis Chapman, but all six of the swarm’s Best Bets would go on to win en route to a 10-5 overall finish. Anyone wise enough to follow the AI’s Best Bets into a six team parlay would find that their $5 wager would have returned $133.20, a Return on Investment of 2,660%!

Every week during the MLB season, Unanimous A.I. will be conducting swarms to pick the outcomes of games. If you’d like to either join a swarm or just get the predictions weekly, click the button below.

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