ROUND ONE: UNU is beating over 99% of ESPN Brackets!


Once again, UNU is beating the experts! After two great days of action, the bracket generated by UNU, the swarm intelligence from Unanimous A.I. is a gaudy 28-4 heading into Round Two. That’s good enough to put the UNU bracket in the top 1% of all brackets on ESPN, and ahead of ALL the experts on CBS Sports, and ahead of the “crowd-based” brackets that combine input from millions and millions of fans.  That’s the power of Artificial Swarm Intelligence – it amplifies the intelligence of small groups to expert levels.  You can see the comparison here:


How did UNU get into the top 1%?  

Well, the Artificial Swarm Intelligence  was nearly perfect on day one. Vanderbilt, UNU’s pick to beat Northwestern, had a lead in the last 10 seconds of the game but let it slip away. Oddly enough, that Northwestern team might be responsible for UNU’s other loss, as Maryland fell to Xavier, and the Terps seemed to lack confidence today after losing to Northwestern last week in the Big 10 tournament. In either case, UNU bracket had both Vandy and Maryland losing in the next round, so the swarm is poised to score big in later rounds.

Day 2 of March Madness was even more successful than day 1, as UNU correctly identified key upsets like Rhode Island (11) over Creighton (6) and Wichita State (10) over Dayton (7). As a result, the bracket compiled using Swarm A.I. technology is now 28-4, which is better than 99% of brackets on ESPN. This is exactly what we mean when we say that thinking together in using Swarm A.I. technology amplifies the intelligence of groups, turning regular fans into super-experts.

Follow all the action here: Unanimous A.I.’s Combined Bracket



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