Conversational Swarm AI Selects the Best Super Bowl Ad

Almost as important for sports fans as who wins the Super Bowl on the field is the question of which commercials that aired during the big game were the best. With the cost to place an ad during the big game valued at $7 million for a 30-second spot, advertisers need to pull out the stops to make a memorable impression on the biggest live TV audience of the year.

Unanimous AI brought together more than 100 Super Bowl viewers on its new Thinkscape platform to view and discuss four thirty-second Super Bowl commercials. Thinkscape is an AI-powered Conversational Intelligence platform that enables networked groups of any size to hold productive real-time deliberations that optimize insights and amplify collective intelligence. It uses Conversational Swarm Intelligence (CSI), a proven technology that combines the power of Swarm AI with the flexibility of Large Language Models (LLMs).

The group of Thinkscape participants viewed four commercial spots during this session: Hellman’s Mayonnaise (“Mayo Cat”), Mountain Dew Baja Blast (“Having a Blast”), Pringles (“Mr. P”), and Squarespace (“Hello Down There”). After watching the ads, the participants were asked to discuss in detail which commercials performed the best along four key metrics that included how attention-getting each commercial was, how well the commercials did at enhancing brand awareness, how well the ad did at positioning brand image, and how much buzz each was likely to create after it aired.

The chart below shows that the Hellman’s Mayonnaise commercial was the ad that captured the highest sentiment across the group, with Pringles and Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast not too far behind it.


The strong sentiment for the Hellman’s Mayonnaise commercial was based on it being memorable and heartwarming…but also could be distilled down to one other key element that came up time and again in discussions of the ad spot: “Cat”. If social media algorithms have taught us anything, it is that cute cats will always hold attention. The chart above also shows a dramatic difference between the top three ads and the Squarespace commercial that aired during the big game. The Martin Scorcese-directed spot garnered negative sentiment with the group, who found it confusing and unclear with how it related to the brand it was advertising.

The video below shows the Thinkscape group in action as they discuss the Super Bowl commercial specifics. A generated avatar explains the different assertions made by the participants about the ads to support their conviction and sentiment towards them.



Thinkscape is an exciting new technology breakthrough that allows simultaneous, in-depth collection of both qualitative and quantitative data that has applications across a variety of fields. To learn more, contact us to discuss the ways that Thinkscape can harness Collective Swarm Intelligence.


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