UNU’s Picks for the English Premier League: Weekend of Feb 4th

The English Premier League UNU is back after a tumultuous midweek slate of games that saw favored teams winning only 1 in 10 games. The Swarm AI fared a little better, correctly predicting 3 in 10 games, which was still good enough to beat the BBC’s SAM supercomputer predictions, expert Mark “Lawro” Lawrenson, and even the average individual in our EPL Swarm. All that said, the swarm’s goal is to do much better this weekend, though you might notice that it’s confidence, reflected in its recommended wagering values, is a bit lower than its been in weeks’ past.

Here’s a look at the swarm’s Pick of the Week. Tottenham by 2 over Middlesborough is not only the single game the swarm deemed worthy of a full $100 wager, it’s the only game rated over $50 in confidence.

tottenham potw 2417

Below is the full list of the swarm’s picks of the week, ranked by confidence. 

Tottenham to beat Middlesborough: REPLAY. Worth betting $100: REPLAY

Man United to beat Leicester City: REPLAY. Worth betting $49: REPLAY

Liverpool to beat Hull City: REPLAY. Worth betting $45: REPLAY

Man City to beat Swansea City: REPLAY. Worth betting $23: REPLAY

Chelsea to beat Arsenal: REPLAY. Worth betting $21: REPLAY

Everton to beat Bournemouth: REPLAY. Worth betting $19: REPLAY

Southampton to beat West Ham: REPLAY. Worth betting $17: REPLAY ( deemed Most Likely to be a Draw )

Crystal Palace to beat Sunderland: REPLAY. Worth betting $14: REPLAY

West Brom to beat Stoke City: REPLAY. Worth betting $1: REPLAY

Watford to beat Burnley FC: REPLAY. Not worth betting: REPLAY

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