Swarming EPL: AI Picks for Week 19


As the Premier League season heads into a busy holiday weekend, there are plenty of dramatic stories going on up and down the table. Can Manchester City continue their record winning pace? Can plucky little Burnley firmly establish themselves within the top five of the standings? Can Newcastle and Stoke City – both of whom had hopes for mid-table finishes – somehow stop their respective free-falls down the league with any kind of points at all? The weekly EPL Swarm, fresh of a sizzling 7-3 performance last week, might have some answers.

For starters, the EPL Swarm’s prediction of a Man. City win (and making it the pick of the week) shouldn’t surprise anyone. City are running roughshod over everyone else, and their 17 straight wins is an English top league record. They should dispatch Bournemouth fairly easily on Saturday. Their rivals, United, have a much more interesting match on the road against Leicester City. Here’s how the swarm sees that game.

This is a big contest for both teams. United would at least like to stay within shouting range of their record-setting arch-rivals. For their part, Leicester hope to grab a lot more respectability with a victory at home against the Red Devils. As the replay shows, the swarm thinks this contest will belong to the visitors on Sunday. The consensus is a little split for a while, before the swarm settles on a more conclusive  2-goal victory. That’s a big sign of confidence, and the $80 hypothetical wager reinforces it enough to put this match second-highest on the chart for the week.




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