Swarming the NFL: AI Picks for Week 16

Last week’s NFL games settled questions, both positively and negatively for a number of teams. A very select few find themselves guaranteed a postseason spot, while another handful of teams were eliminated from contention. That creates a unique late-season dynamic where there are teams desperately needing wins playing alongside teams that are looking forward to booking tee times in the next year.

The weekly swarm of NFL fans who predict games with Unanimous AI had another hot week last week, finishing with a 12-4 record. That includes hitting all their top confidence games correctly. Rather than play it cautious this week, the NFL Swarm has more games than last time it feels strongly about for the holiday weekend.

At first glance, that chart might look a bit lopsided, but the swarm clearly has some pretty strong opinions on a number of these contests. Most of these high-confidence games are matchups that pit teams against one another where only one side may have any real motivation to win. Surprisingly though, the swarm’s pick of the week is a game where both teams desperately need a victory.

It’s fair to say that the Bills and Patriots won’t be singing Christmas carols together and exchanging Jelly-of-the-Month subscriptions before this game. These are two longtime division rivals, and a late hit three weeks ago by Rob Gronkowski only riled the bad blood between these two clubs up a little more. Even so, the swarm likes New England an awful lot in this game. There’s no dithering here, no wavering on consensus; the swarm’s all in on Touchdown Tom and his boys. They also tagged the Pats with an $80 bet confidence and chose them over Pittsburgh as their most confident play of the weekend.

For those of you who like to live dangerously and play higher-risk against-the-spread predictions, one our swarm really seems to endorse this weekend is Jacksonville covering in San Francisco against the resurgent Niners and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. There’s a -4.5 spread on this game, but the NFL Swarm has this tagged as an expected win by a touchdown or more by the Jags, who seem to be playing their best football on both sides of the ball of late.

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