Swarming MLB: AI Picks for August 11th

One of the oldest sayings in all sports is that a season isn’t a sprint, but rather a marathon. While that statement is a bit of a cliché, for baseball and its grinding six-month season it’s definitely true. Players who slumped earlier in the year may start to get hot. Guys who were crushing it in the spring may wilt in the heat of August. Injured players return, while healthy players get hurt. For managers, this juggling act is one of their main job components.

For the MLB Swarm AI, it’s also one of the main considerations each participant has to work with when predicting the games coming up this weekend. The Astros shot out of the gate like a rocket this season, but since losing Carlos Correa they’ve been spinning their wheels. Boston, meanwhile, seemed to be on a two-steps-forward, one-step-back trajectory for the first half of the season, but have now taken control in the American League East. Keeping all those factors in mind, here’s how the swarm sees tonight’s games.

One team that’s happy the season is a long one is the St. Louis Cardinals. After spending a good chunk of the season playing disorganized, fundamentally unsound baseball, the Redbirds have caught fire in the past week or so. Powered by the healthy return of injured free agent acquisition Dexter Fowler, resurgent relief pitching from Trevor Rosenthal, and the intangibles provided by a furry friend, the Cardinals have clawed (ahem) their way back into the NL Central race. The swarm thinks they’ll continue their current winning ways tonight against Atlanta.


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