Swarming MLB: AI Picks for August 15th

In baseball, even the very best teams each year will typically win no more than 6 of every 10 games they play. Similarly, the very worst teams typically only lose 6 – 6.5 games for every ten they play. What that means is that picking MLB games isn’t totally as random as a coinflip. The margins, however, between winning and losing any given single game are obviously pretty tight.

But then you come across seasons like the one the Los Angeles Dodgers are having this year. Check this: on May 16, the Dodgers were 22-18, sitting in third place in the NL West, 3 games behind the Colorado Rockies. The Dodgers have posted a 61-16 record across the 77 games they’ve played since then, nearly an .800 winning percentage. That record is every bit as absurd as it is looks. In fact, right now the Dodgers have a chance to post the highest winning percentage across 80 games in the long history of Major League baseball. They’ve even got a chance to break the record of the 2001 Mariners for most wins in a season. Does the swarm think they’ll continue their winning ways tonight?

It may seem like a broken record for the UNU MLB Swarm to pick the Dodgers to win every single session, but it’s impossible to blame them. In fact, if the swarm was picking anyone else at this point, we’d wonder if they were paying enough attention. The obvious issue here is that the Dodgers do lose on average once or twice a week, even as dominant as they’ve been.  For instance, currently the Dodgers are 17-3 across their last 20 games. Two of those losses happen to have been huge upsets (according to Vegas odds-makers) on games where our swarm also picked them to win. This week they were our featured pick of the week again. We like the chances that the swarm is right this time, especially against the last-place White Sox.

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