UNU’s Picks—Movies for the Weekend of December 10

Welcome to December!  What better time to hunker down with a warm tub of buttered popcorn and a movie? As the calendar creeps toward 2017, Hollywood is releasing its Oscar hopefuls and is banking on these critically acclaimed films to get Americans to bundle up and drive to the theater, in spite of the first serious Arctic blast of an unusually warm year.

But will they go? To predict moviegoers’ behavior, researchers at Unanimous AI asked UNU to weigh in on whether the three films being released this weekend will attract an audience. UNU is a Artificial Swarm Intelligence platform that lets people think together as a closed-loop system, using swarming algorithms to converge on optimized answers. Here is a summary of the swarm’s responses (click on the chart to be taken to replays of their answers).

12.10 movies chart


Surprising? Perhaps so. While the swarm seems to be in the holiday spirit about Office Christmas Party, they were not enthusiastic about either La La Land or Miss Sloane. Both of those films are getting plenty of critical acclaim, including Oscar predictions. But the Swarm was quite confident that neither would do well at the box office.

sloane under

How did we measure? The Swarm combined the real-time insights of 30 U.S. movie fans of mixed age and gender. They were asked to view the trailers above and provide reactions to the swarm intelligence algorithms. Each time, we asked The Swarm to tell us whether they thought the movie would do better in the theater or streaming, how the movie would perform against industry expectations, and how much they would pay to see the film.

As you can see in the replay above, the Swarm revealed some hard truths about some films that are already generating some serious buzz. Whether or not a film is deemed “theater-worthy” by likely fans is a strong indicator of whether or not it’s worth your movie dollar—and a predictor of what types of movies will be made next.

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