AI Picks for the NFL: Week 10

Two weeks ago, the NFL Swarm celebrated a successful nine-team parlay that netted an over 400% return but the team here at Unanimous AI urged caution around such aggressive betting strategies. Not to be outdone and throwing caution to the wind, one member of the Swarm community decided to combine the NFL and EPL swarms highest confidence forecasts into a seven-team parlay against the spread that would pay over 8,000% ROI. Right on cue, all seven teams delivered, and one of the highest payouts in Swarm AI history was recorded.

So, with that in mind, let us please reiterate that the insights produced by the NFL Swarm is for fun only. Our hypothesis here at Unanimous AI is that a group of NFL fans, working together as a Swarm AI system would be able to improve upon their own individual performance. That’s the benchmark and the reason that we record every participant’s individual forecast for the weekend, and award bonuses to the highest performing members of every swarm. And that’s exactly what we did to produce the Week 10 forecast.

The first thing that jumps out at you in the Straight Up chart is the fact that all but two of the Week 10 NFL Swarm’s predictions escape the “High Risk” designation. That’s relatively rare and perhaps the natural reaction to the AI’s recent successes. One pick that won’t surprise you, however, is the Chiefs over the Cardinals. The NFL Swarm’s confidence in the Chiefs has been rewarded week in and week out, and with the Cardinals visiting Arrowhead stadium as 16.5 point underdogs, the NFL Swarm is sticking with what works.


Naturally, that 16.5 point spread makes the Chiefs a relatively risky wager to win straight up, since the payout would be infinitesimal. And, perhaps scarred by the only comparable spread of the season when Buffalo upset Minnesota as a similarly huge underdog, the NFL Swarm relegated the Chiefs ATS forecast to the High Risk category in the chart below. In its place, the NFL Swarm’s highest confidence pick of the week is the Saints over the Bengals. While the Saints have recently added Dez Bryant to an already potent set of weapons, the developing news of his potential injury was not a major factor for the Swarm. In fact, the AI’s forecast seems to reflect a lack of confidence in the Bengals without AJ Green rather than a belief that Dez Bryant will make or break the Saints offense.


The full set of Week 10 Picks Against the Spread is available in the chart below. As you can see, only the Saints find themselves in the NFL Swarm’s highest confidence tier, and the AI suggests that four games are best avoided entirely.

Unanimous AI invites you to participate in this weekly series of NFL predictions. You can join the growing community of football fans by following the link below. Unanimous is hosting weekly contests and Swarms to make forecasts for the upcoming matchups, and will be awarding prizes to the highest performers each week. 


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